Sunday, October 5, 2014


As I hurried toward Cache Valley, Utah for a cozy book signing at the home of friend Darla Moore by 7:00 p.m. October 3rd, I made some exhilarating stops along the way:
Jen, at the WiseBird Bookery enthusiastically kept three copies of my book, SATIN MURDER on consignment when I stopped by.
Clarence Socwell had the used books ready for me that I so desperately need for signing presentations, along with a hug, when I dropped by his Bookateria.
Jeff Hunter of the Herald Journal took a few minutes to visit about my upcoming book signing in Logan at the Hastings on October 18th. Wish I had remembered to tell him my grandma Jensen wrote in the ABOUT TOWN section years ago.
Met with Stefnie in Hastings to give her more books for my signing.
Grabbed a 10 piece nugget meal at McDs to nibble on.
Made a quick meeting outside the O Aggie ice cream with Vannessa Howes and cuddled precious little London. A breath of loveliness from both in a hurried day.
I was on a super high while driving to Darla's from a stop I made to see a South Cache High School teacher, Miss Hall (Wilma). I wanted to gift her my book for all of her years of friendship and encouragement with my writing. What a thrill. (I didn't get a picture and already regret that).
But nothing prepared me for the HIGH I would find at Darla's. The smell of fresh baked banana bread greeted me at the door, and the spread of delicious food for us guests was superb. I have to get the recipe for the flan cake (lower left corner).
We busied ourselves deciding how best to set up my displays and etc. so her sister, my bestest friend ever, Sheila, could see us when she Skyped in from Missouri. Their mom bought my book, she is such a sweetheart.
Neighbors, relatives, friends gathered around as Darla began to Skype for Sheila.

Darla left the room to get help with Skyping in Sheila, and when she returned, standing behind her WAS SHEILA, for real, here with us, FOR REAL. What an unforgettable moment!

Thanks everyone so much for a night to remember and remember and remember.
I laughed, cried, and smiled all the way to daughter Bobbi's house for a sleepover and a game of monopoly with grandson Jaden while papa Lowell took Ashlin to ride her motocross bike and Bobbi prattled off to work.

Even Uncle YaYa dropped by to pick up his iPad I had borrowed.

Saturday, October 4th found me surrounded by 39 local Utah Authors at a signing presented by Hastings in Ogden, 340 E. 525 N. from 1:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. They treated us authors like royalty, pizza and all. Thanks Stacy Ward for such a rewarding afternoon. Copies of my book are there for sale.

Home, 'be wild' woobies and General Conference.

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