Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Today I walk up the familiar L shaped stairs into the comfortable office of Interpretive Graphics and sit at my glass-top desk for the last day of my working career. How often I have anticipated this day of retirement, but now I feel like a mother who has finally gotten her youngest child off to school and stands all alone in the silence.
I am most grateful for goodly parents who taught me the JOY of work and my many employers over the years who presented me with the opportunity to feel that JOY (or not). I end this journey on a highnote, having worked for the Peters these past seven years.
I descend the warmth along those steps into an unknown adventure with a sad, yet excited heart.
Watch out hubby, kids, grand-kids, and great-grand-kids, here I come!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Holidays

We've had super family holidays and visits, but my picture taking skills got real rusty.
Thanksgiving with daughter Angee, her hubby Michael and boys.

Did some window shopping with daughter Bobbi on her birthday, and shared some birthday time with great-grand-daughter Tesley who turned one.

Son Jared asked Michelle to marry him. What a darling couple.
Time to decorate for Christmas and go shopping. Love putting up the grandkids tree with their young-face-picture-ornaments and now the great-grands.
Time out from Christmas to watch grand-daughter Ash ride . . .

Enjoyed our traditional family party at Maddox then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Joe's family (I claim they too).

and we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! What will the New Year Bring?