Friday, January 29, 2016


My dearest friend, Sheila, who heads the children's section at her local library, Henry County Library in Clinton, Missouri, approached her Director about putting my books on their shelves. I had spoken with her about my 2016 dream-resolution to apply at my hometown libraries to have my books accepted.The Director said she would like to read them and see if they fit their criteria during her flights to and from family, during Christmas holiday. Sheila loaned her both books. Upon her return, she said she very much enjoyed them, and accepted them. They were ordered.

Yesterday, January 28, 2016, my dream came true. They were cataloged into the library
put on the "New Arrival" book shelf
and this very minute I received a text from Sheila saying that SATIN MURDER has been checked out.
I can't believe it, I must REALLY be dreaming . . . my humble little book has been checked out of a library!!!!
My thanks to everyone who made this dream come true,  especially Safkhet Publishing who believed in my book nearly three years ago. Yes I'm crying, and I NEVER cry!!!