Thursday, November 21, 2013

Delight, Pure Delight

I attended the most delightful play by local playwright, Clarence P. Socwell last night. After asking family and friends to join me, and everyone choosing to do other things, I kept remembering the title of a recent book written by a Utah author, The Pleasure of my own Company. Joe and I attended a showcase of this author at the Kings English book store a couple of weeks ago. Well, the author's book review kept ringing in my mind, "Don't stay home just because no one will go with you." So I ventured to Ogden  with the rain being swished off my windshield, and wow, what a grand time.
The six actor play was performed in a quaint tiny theater (little is good for me) in the basement of the Eccles Community Art Center at 2580 Jefferson Avenue. Monastery music greeted me (not my favorite) but the atmosphere was full of smiling faces of all ages. I sat on the top of a three tier high rise directly in front of the floor level stage. There were like high rises to my left and to my right, with a little corner filled with white wicker furniture for more comfort.
The title of the play, MONTSERRAT MORNING was funny, serious all wrapped into one, even had some poetry which is how I know Clarence. We were in the Utah State Poetry Society together for years.
My heart and hat goes off to him and the actors. It is a joy I will remember for a lifetime.