Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let the rides begin

Silver helmet, dandelion girl, and hubby are off for first ride of the 2013 season. We have a new guest following us---our RV called BJ II. She is a dandy cozy, hard-side pop up that hauls Ruffus, our ATV, with great elegance.

This maiden voyage takes us into the Wasatch National Forest along the Mirror Lake Byway toward Soapstone Basin. The beauty of spring is spellbinding.
Now, to set up BJ II and make sure we remember how everything works, wow running HOT water. Unload Ruffus, sip a coke and give each other a high-five for success. Yellow wildflowers wave for me to pluck them and  put them in the empty coke-bottle-vase to adorn our table.
We leave our new summer home,surrounded by glorious patches of dandelions, put on our silver helmets and ride Lambert Hollow, trail #304, scouting out new campsites for future outings. Snow lines the shady parts of the trail and we wear our shabby long sleeve plaid shirts to shut out the cool air.
What amazed my poet-thoughts the most was the white aspen beyond the meadow of flowers among the evergreens...

Winter white aspen
nestle naked beside bright evergreens
waiting dress of spring.