Thursday, February 6, 2014

Super Bowl

I can't put my finger on WHY we (I) have to have a Super Bowl party. All of our children live too far away to just pop in, some don't participate in social media on Sunday, but this year we were so pleased to enjoy what some say was the most boring Super Bowl in history with our grandson Jefferson and his girlfriend Kim.
We laughed all day Saturday as we cooked and did dishes five times; but well worth it come Sunday's kick-off. Grandpa Joe fried up hot sauce dummies and Mr. Yoshida's drummies to go along with baked beans, potato salad, hot-raspberry dip with crackers and baked artichoke dip with Frito. All washed down to make room for more by root beer, coke or wine.We celebrated the Sea Hawk win with Robert Redford cake.
Thanks kids for sharing this time with us. Next time bring Yorkie, Charlie. See you next year and I'll make B.T.S. cake.  Loved, loved the warming tray the Thomson family gave us for Christmas. Perfect for keeping food warm during the entire game. Wish the whole family could have been here.

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