Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book Debut

I'm eating, sleeping, and breathing with the excitement of the publication by Safkhet Publishing of my novel, SALLEE'S SECRET this September. Kinda hard to even concentrate on writing my newest novel. So pleased to have Unlocked My Dream.
Keep dreaming, everybody! Dreams, along with a lot of work and determination will make it happen. I've been chasing my dream with SALLEE'S SECRET for over four years.
Next, I dream, like J.D. Salinger to have a poem printed in the New Yorker someday.
My thanks to all of those, my hubby Joe especially, for support and encouragement along this dream-ride.


  1. Congratulations, from a fellow Safkhet author. Enjoy the journey to publications! x

  2. Hi Suzie,
    So glad to be on this ride with you. Thanks. If you have any words of wisdom feel free to share them with me along this journey. C/Ya Bye

  3. Congratulations! Isn't it a wonderful feeling?

    1. The sheer joy wakes up with me each morning. How about for you?

  4. From me too, Bonnie! Best of luck, sweetie! :) xx