Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The little Bird House

Wonderful ATV ride where the dirt-brown-gray trail turned to 1960s shag rug rust. The trail was lined with white,pink and yellow wild flowers. Of course they had to be picked for our coke bottle vase back at the RV.
Upon return from riding 084to 174 toward Wolf Creek and taking a 50" trail trying to find it, which we never did, we returned to our campsite for steak and salad. As I walked out our door I caught sight of a little bird house that someone had built, painted (the pink and blue paint very faded) and nailed to a tree that shaded us.
Our morning ride took us through big puddles where we could raise our feet and squeal "wee, wee', and as we rounded a bend toward camp, my favorite, a border of dandelions.

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