Saturday, October 24, 2015


Dandelion Girl and hubby Joe did a final mountain trek for this season (even found some thriving dandelions along a dusty trail) . Peace and serenity among the pines, except for a few gun shots from deer hunters, for nearly eight days (our longest stay ever and we would have stayed longer if we had taken more food).
We love it when camp is pretty much put together and the first campfire is blazing.
What a breathtaking sight an early morning sunrise is (we never get up early enough to see a sunrise at home). Shame on us!!!
Where better to capture a selfie than in the mountains with Bear Lake in the background.
We were spellbound with the beauty of a morning mist that rolled in, and just as quickly burned off as we packed up for ride back to family, friends, and city-home.

Dandelion Girl, over and out.

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