Monday, March 16, 2015

Dandelions are in Blossom

Wow, on my way home from my first book signing with Token Woman I couldn't believe ALL of the dandelions in the lawn by my Smith's. I guess spring is here, so now I can paint my toenails and bring out the sandals.
Look who stopped by the book signing; high school classmate, author extraordinaire in his own right, George Sumner. What a delight to visit and catch up with each other.
Who would have guessed an extraordinary happening could take place while meeting with friends, neighbors, and strangers . . . A lovely gal stopped by to chat and she began telling me how her new mother-in-law from St. George, Utah (her mom passed about six years ago) told her of meeting a local author having her very first book signing at a Smith's while she was visiting the Salt Lake area last fall. I could hardly wait to ask her if her new mother-in-law's name was Susan. Susan was my very first sale with Satin Murder that day, therefore I will never forget her. IT WAS! Now here stood Christina at my very first book signing, again at Smith's, with my second novel. Now what are the chances???  A little 'twinkle', as my cousin Sandee would say.
My thanks to all who gifted me a most successful signing.

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