Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Silver Helmets Begin 2014 in the Uinta Forest

We began our journey to the mountains by traveling over Daniel's Summit towards Coop Creek turn off toward a favorite camping spot in the Currant Creek area only to find the gate locked until June 30th. So we took the scenic route (one of seemingly favorite things we do). After a very dusty ride we arrived to find OUR camp spot taken; every corner had a tent in it (so nice to see tents instead of trailers and noisy generators). Down the road we continue and find, as usual the perfect spot for us with LOTS OF DANDELIONS.
Dandelion Girl is in her realm again. Joe unloaded Ruffus and out came the silver helmets.
Where, but our glorious mountains can you find such peaceful beauty . . .

or see such wonder . . .
We ate our traditional burgers but without fries on Friday evening after setting up camp, rode over 30 mountain miles on Saturday. It was chilly with wind all day; turned on Ruffus's hand warmers, such comfort.
Gathered wild flowers for our coke-vase inside home sweet home, BJ. Then after a steak, grilled potato and tossed salad dinner we sat by the fire and listed to the silence.

Of course I had to read some short stories from my publisher,Safkhet's latest anthology, ROMANTIC HEROS (one of which is mine, so blessed). Technology is WONDERFUL.
C/Ya, Bye for now  . . .

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