Thursday, August 30, 2012

A snow squall greeted us as we climbed slippery quaint wooden steps to our cabin's green door...ever wondered what's behind the green door? Well, for us it was colorful quilt wall hangings, a huge lodge-pole king size bed, and a thermostat regulated gas fire-place-stove with blower that circulated warmth all around the room.
By morning we shook the snow off our Ruffus cover, watched the sun peek through the clouds, met up with the ATVing group and headed to the main lodge for breakfast. Salt and pepper shakers, sugers, creamers, and cheap vase of imitation carnations were all moved to the side so our trail map could be spread. There in the middle of pancakes and eggs was Christmas Meadow with all adjoining loops and lakes. Our destination chosen, our stomachs full,we were off.
Boulder and tree roots lined the Lily Lake ride, while the Ostler loop offered up mud, snow too deep to plow through, and a man-made-wooden-plank trail where earth had been washed away. On the north slope at the 8000 feet level, Bear Claw loop was lined with stately aspen that gifted us with miniature May leaves and speckled fawns.
I'll bet this is beautiful in the fall!!

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